Start A Business With
No Ideas, No Money,
And No Experience
And Specially Without Having To Be An Expert...
Discover The Principles That Create Businesses From Scratch
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Step 1
Make It
1 Year To Learn
  • Batch Your Time
  • Utilize Your Gifts
  • Every Minute Matters
Build A Money Brain
Step 2
Keep It
1 Year To Learn
  • Enjoy What You Enjoy Fully
  • Then Reduce Monthly Bills
  • And Review Spending Monthly
Build A Protect It Brain
Step 3
Grow It
1 Year To Learn
  • Turn Dollars Into Employees
  • Invest In What You Understand
  • Remove Upper Limits
Coming Soon
Step 4
Share It
1 Year To Learn
  • Give To Those In Need
  • Give With Gratitude
  • Let It Be Vulnerable
Build A Share It Brain
Money Gives Choice
I’m, Dane, and here is a powerful vision for money that was complete and would serve a deeper purpose than just get rich.

Here’s the thing…

Making money is difficult, until it’s not.
Budgeting money and protecting it is difficult, until it’s not.
Multiplying money is difficult, until it’s not.

And giving money away, is difficult, until it’s not.It’s no wonder so many people struggle financially. We need help with this field. This website is the help. Listen to the meditation often until you step powerfully into the basic truth.

That you can be rich. You don’t need to rely on others for wealth.

And you can do so much more with your life if you take the time to master these 4 systems.

With heart,
Dane Maxwell
3 Beliefs At Start From Zero
We Believe In...
  1. Freedom Of Self, First,
  2. Freedom Of Finances, Second,
  3. And Freedom Of Expression Through Every Layer.
We believe there is nothing embarrassing about starting at zero.
In all aspects we adopt having a vulnerable beginner’s mind.
Money Can Do So Much Good In The Right Hands
Let Those Hands Be Yours.
Build A Business You Don't Have To Work In... Starting From Zero
See new research on personality traits pulled from 30 successful
  • Learn the 3 little rocks
  • The 4 brains
  • The 4 levels
  • The 7 skills
  • 15 real world examples
  • Plus how to transform your whole mindset
Read The Comprehensive Book