Here’s How To Take
The Difficult Actions You
Know Will Improve Your Life...
“When Something Is Difficult, Use DJP.”
The DJP Framework
When you try DJP and see results, we want to hear about it! Let us know on
DJP Can Free The Mind, FAST.
This single technique blends metacognition, pattern recognition, tibetan wisdom, and 40 years of experience into one simple tool called DJP.

We believe taking enduring, consistent, and focused action is fundamentally about one thing.

We all struggle in at least one area. For some it’s starting a business, for others it’s keeping a great relationship, for others it’s losing weight. It’s time we stop beating ourselves up for failing.
How Much More Could
You Do With A Clear Mind?
Introducing The DJP Framework.
The DJP Framework
“This process is brilliant. I have been stuck for years. Years! It’s driven my family crazy to see me struggle. In just two short sessions at this I have already become more free.”
- A DJP Student from Europe.
“After doing DJP for 5 minutes to help with taking action, it had an interesting side effect. I went downstairs and gave my mother the biggest hug I ever have in 20 years, it felt so good to love her in that way. Previously loving her deeply was difficult for me.”
- A DJP Student from Florida.
Here Are a Few Examples of Difficult Moments You Can Transform...
Waking up to an alarm without hitting snooze...
Working out first thing in the morning...
Starting a business for the first time...
Reading a new book...
Finishing a book you started...
Writing your first book...
Approaching a beautiful man or woman to say hello...
Learning a foreign language…
Finally taking the leap to do what you want to do instead
of doing what you have to do...
Saying I love you to your father, or mother, while smiling
and looking them in the eyes...
Spending more time with your children than you do now...
Crushing a business goal out of the park...
You are not designed to be stuck anywhere.
Go forth and enjoy,
Dane Maxwell & Brian Adler
The Action Takers Collective
“With DJP, You Will Begin Taking More Focused Action, Consistently.”
Introducing The DJP Framework.
The DJP Framework
When you try DJP and see results, we want to hear about it! Let us know on
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