Clear Your Entrepreneurial Block In 10 Minutes, Find New Focus & Get Moving Quickly
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Dear friend,

Maybe you want to launch a new product line…

Hire a new employee…

Pick an idea to build into a new business…

Nail down your target customer instead of being “for everyone”…

Maybe you’re frustrated with slow sales… Expensive ad costs… Or both.

Maybe you're overall just feeling disoriented and unhappy.

Shit gets hard.

Shit sucks.

Shit hits the fan.

Depression sets in. Hopeless becomes normal. But we don’t admit it.

Successful entrepreneurs suffer more in private than we all realize.

It’s ok to struggle. It’s ok to doubt.
When you try DJP and see results, we want to hear about it! Let us know on
But what would happen if you were able to get past that, and access your wise intuition?

No matter what the problem is… entrepreneurship is one challenge after another.

How you meet the challenge determines your longevity (or burnout) in this field.

We don’t choose entrepreneurship because it’s easier.

We choose it because there’s real freedom when we do what’s difficult.

Once you discover where to focus your attention, the paralysis will disappear.
Once You See The Thing Stopping You Completely &
Hold It Like A Friend, You Will Become Free
But that can be really hard to do. The real root of our paralysis in all situations is the result of one primary thing.

An unconscious identity conflict

This can be quickly solved once you fully understand this.

You see...

Our mind is like the ocean.

The surface can be so turbulent with big crashing waves. That's your "busy mind"...

This audio is designed to take you deeper, beyond your busy mind.

Once you've made it a few feet beneath the surface, you'll feel a renewed surge of inner-peace and wellbeing.

When you reach the heart of your conflict, you'll see there is in fact no problem there at all.

But you’ll need to see that for yourself to fully get it.

Because I know many of us all need more help... That's why I’ve created this 5-day mini email-course.

I made sure to include a chock full of examples of entrepreneurs finding breakthroughs.

You'll hear the actual audios of them unwinding the things that held them back for so long.
When you try DJP and see results, we want to hear about it! Let us know on
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PS - You might wonder if there is anything for sale in this course, or if you’ll need to buy something to get the result you want.

This method was given to me as a gift, and I’d like to return the favor.

For those that do want advanced training, you’ll have an option to hire one on one help from my top mindset mentor, or purchase an affordable 6-week course. 

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When you try DJP and see results, we want to hear about it! Let us know on