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SFZ 021: The Boss Abuses Them In Public, Here's What To Do

Ash has a boss that publicly abuses his parents. He will not stop until he and his parents feel respected.

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SFZ 020: She Likes Being The Technician

When you've got a business but you can't seem to charge the prices you want. This is the secret.

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SFZ 019: Kylie Cranks Up Her Business

Kylie runs a niche business that's at six figures, here's what to do when you've got something that's just starting to work.

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SFZ 018: Doubling Her Pay, Here's How

Kristina learns how to double the rate from her client, and to increase sales with her online niche business.

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SFZ 017: An Idea Based In Jesus, Here's How To Make It Profitable

Traci has a wonderful relationship with Jesus, and can't stand traditional religion. She wants more people to know Him. She's also got to make some money too. Listen to what I tell her.

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SFZ 016: Can John Make Money With His Idea?

See if John can make money with his little league idea.

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SFZ 015: Simone Learns Marketing

Simone is a world class highly rated acupuncturist, but she has yet to learn marketing.  This is one of my favorite and most entertaining episodes. The principles apply to ANY niche in ANY industry.

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SFZ 014: Nischal Is Already Happy, But Wants To Make A Difference...

Nischal has a dream to launch a business/non-profit, see what I tell him to do.

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SFZ 013: Vasavi Was Stuck, Until She Heard This...

Vasavi always wanted to work with high performance athletes. Listen to how I told her to get started...

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SFZ 012: Liz Was Miserable, Until She Heard This...

Liz had a successful business, but her customers were making her miserable... listen to what I told her to do.

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SFZ 011: Peak Inside The Book Part 2

How I found belonging in entrepreneurship.

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SFZ 010: Collette Learns How To Make $100,000 Per Month

Collette is sitting on a gold mine. See what I tell her.

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SFZ 009: Annika Learns How To Break Time For Money...

Annika is a success working online, but she wasn't free. See how she learns how to become an entrepreneur.

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SFZ 008: Shannon Is Just Starting Out, This Is What I Say...

Shannon learns how to become a successful entrepreneur as a healer...

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SFZ 007: Peak Inside My Book Part 1

The only difference between the wealthy and you is how they answer this single question every single day.

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