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Start From Zero Podcast Episodes
SFZ 021: The Boss Abuses Them In Public, Here's What To Do

Ash has a boss that publicly abuses his parents. He will not stop until he and his parents feel respected.

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SFZ 020: She Likes Being The Technician

When you've got a business but you can't seem to charge the prices you want. This is the secret.

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SFZ 019: Kylie Cranks Up Her Business

Kylie runs a niche business that's at six figures, here's what to do when you've got something that's just starting to work.

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SFZ 018: Doubling Her Pay, Here's How

Kristina learns how to double the rate from her client, and to increase sales with her online niche business.

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SFZ 017: An Idea Based In Jesus, Here's How To Make It Profitable

Traci has a wonderful relationship with Jesus, and can't stand traditional religion. She wants more people to know Him. She's also got to make some money too. Listen to what I tell her.

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SFZ 016: Can John Make Money With His Idea?

See if John can make money with his little league idea.

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