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SFZ 006: An Accountant Learns How To Leave His Career Behind...

Mark is a talented account who's found his new passion and wants to leave Accounting behind. He wants to become the Tony Robbins of the health space. Listen to what I tell him to do.

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SFZ 005: Leading Educator Works 16 Hours A Day, Learns What To Do Next...

Kimberly is a smart cookie. She hangs out with crowds at Harvard. She learned how to talk about her vision and how to find someone to implement her world changing idea.

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SFZ 004: Family Man In Comfortable Job, Badly Wants To Break Free

Walt is a successful tech consultant with a happy family life and 4 children. Learn the two skills he must have to pull off a business in one hour of free time per day.

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SFZ 003: 80 Year Old Learns How To Make Money Online

Arthur is 80 years old and looking for an extra $2,000 per month using the Clickbank marketplace. Listen to what I tell him.

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SFZ 002: He Was Lost With His Amazon Store Until He Heard This...

Dave was looking for products to sell on Amazon and racking his brain. Frustrated, he didn't know what to do. Listen to what I told him...

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3 Beliefs At Start From Zero
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  1. Freedom Of Self, First,
  2. Freedom Of Finances, Second,
  3. And Freedom Of Expression Through Every Layer.
We believe there is nothing embarrassing about starting at zero.
In all aspects we adopt having a vulnerable beginner’s mind.
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