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The Best 3 Phase Path I Know To Make Money By Helping Others And Adding Value
Learn The Master Skill For Cranking Cash
I’m going to save you YEARS of time and trouble by telling you this. Here’s the only thing you ever need to learn if you want large amounts of money without slaving your entire life. The most important skill to learn in business is automation of sales and marketing. That’s it.
Every single person that comes to me that struggles are technically gifted at something, but can’t automate sales or market. They suck at it. And that’s ok, they just lack training.
Automating sales and marketing is not innate, it’s trainable.
First you have to learn how to sell. Then you can automate it and make money while you sleep so to speak. But you MUST LEARN SALES.
This way instead of risking creating a product, making a website, creating some elaborate business plan, or trying to start a full on business where you have to service customers you sell, your first phase should be doing this…
Phase 1 Is To Learn The Art Of Customer Acquisition
Then do customer acquisition for other businesses. This will set you up for life.
My buddy Rob does this and makes minimum $20,000 per month with $500 in expenses. It's one of the best businesses I've seen you can start.
With the right skills and little luck, you can make your first dollar in as little as 30 days.
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Use Those Skills From Phase 1 To Start An Asset Based Business Of Your Own & Outsourcing Expertise
Once you understand how to automate sales and marketing, now you’re ready to build your own great business. But how do you know what products to be building?
Here you’ll find a niche market, find a serious pain within that market, sell it before it exists, then hire an expert to teach the mechanism (generally it’s best to sell a course).
For example you could talk to tired mothers (niche market) who can’t get their child to sleep and it’s fatiguing the mothers (serious pain), so you sell them a 6 week course to getting their child to sleep, and then find a sleep expert to teach it for a profit share.
But to do all of this?
You must know how to sell first, and outsource expertise second
To the beginner, expertise is the only requirement to be in business. But to the experienced one, selling is the king. That’s what you learn in phase 1. Elon Musk isn’t building his cars. Jeff Bezos isn’t building his computer servers.
Success in phase 2 requires selling and marketing skills to the highest level
Don’t do this phase until you master phase 1.
In phase 2, you could make money so fast it will make your head spin. I know a gentleman who regularly sells thirty six $1,000 courses in a day. That’s $36,000 a day.
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Graduate Into Software As A Service
Once you know how to do all of the above, you can build the most lucrative business in the world, Software as a Service. You’ll outsource the creation, and use your sales and marketing skills from phase 1 to grow it. You don’t build it yourself.
Starting a SaaS can eat your lunch and take time. But it’s like a money tree. Takes a while to plant and grow, but it can give shade for a really really long time when it’s hot out.
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