Step 4
Share It
The Greatest Of All Feelings Is Sharing Wealth
Money isn’t just for you. It’s for all the peopleyou can love with it.
Sending your friends on vacations, buying your mother a car, retiring your parents. The things money can do are remarkable. When it comes to sharing your wealth, you want to consider taking 10% of your monthly income and giving it actively every single month to your favorite charity.
This kind of act is remarkably healing for your heart and the scarcity parts of your brain to do on a regular basis.
Here’s The Top 100 Charities With Perfect Scores On Charity Navigator
Click Here For Details

When it comes to giving, find a charity that evokes your heart with Charity Navigator, and give monthly after you’ve done your budget.

You can see that by doing a budget it actually allows you to give more and serve others.

Once you’ve made the declaration to give and have done it, your life will never be the same.
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